How Individual Trade Show Booth Design Can Help Your Business Stand Out

How many new customers do you get thanks to the upcoming event and how will sales increase in the near future? All this largely depends on the design of your exhibition display. Creative trade show booth design will help distinguish your company against competitors, form a positive image of your brand and advertise your products and services.

It takes only a few seconds for a person to understand if he/she wants to visit a particular exhibit. If you have presented a dull, uninteresting cookie-cutter stand, an attendee will most likely not even pay attention to it. This means that you will lose a potential customer. However, if a bright stand with an unusual design is delivered to the audience, visitors will be drawn to it as to a magnet. Now your competitors will jealous that they could not get prospects.

Individual Trade Show Booth Design

What do you need to take into account when ordering a trade show booth with individual design?

To cope with your marketing goals, you need to know the principles of visual perception of information and skillfully use it in your booth.

Trade show booth design should be innovative and thought out to the smallest detail. The spontaneous approach here is unacceptable. When creating a display with an individual design in conjunction with a designer, you must think over all the details: the location of the construction elements, the color range, the size of the exhibition area. Designers take into account your logo and corporate identity, marketing concept and the key idea of the brand as well as the purpose of your exhibiting. You need to find solution to the following: How your stand will differ from competitors and how it will help you communicate your idea to visitors. If you manage to find the right solutions for the tasks, you will get a display that will really work for your image!

Benefits of booths with individual design

First, such an exhibit is designed for you, taking into account the specifics of your brand and marketing goals.

Secondly, the design is completely unique – you will not find the twin of your display in the whole world.

Thirdly, visitors tend to pay attention to unusual things, and your stand will be just unusual.

Fourth, modern designs that uses lightweight parts and fabric graphic structures allow you to make custom booths easy and mobile. You will not have troubles with transporting, storing and assembling such a stand.

custom booth display

How to find a trade show booth design company

The first thing you should pay attention to is the company’s portfolio. Evaluate how innovative design they can develop. Also, if you wish to order the manufacturing of the stand together with the design, ask for the rendering and photos of the ready booths. It will be useful to know how much a company is able to translate own ideas.

Next, find out what experience a company has in this field. The design and construction of stands require enormous knowledge, most of which come with experience. You do not want to have a hitch in the work on your booth because something went wrong. For example, one of the companies that offers trade show exhibit booth design San Diego – EXHIBE, has over 35 years in creative innovative designs and bringing them to life.

Finally, find out if the company can translate the proposed design into reality. To do this, it must have its own production facilities and appropriate personnel.

How Fabric Structures And Graphics Are Taking Over The Trade Show Industry

More and more people are abandoning heavy exhibit booths in favor of lightweight fabric structures which are common in most trade shows today. Improved fabric graphics and lighting have made many exhibitors adopt fabric structures in trade show conventions. Trade show displays which are made of lightweight aluminum and wrapped with printed fabric is becoming a trend, which is taking over the trade show industry. Aluminum was used to make trade show displays in favor of wood because it was not only lightweight but durable and strong. Trade show displays continue to be innovative with most displays today made of fabric graphics. Also, digital printing innovations have led to the production of high quality, eye-catching 2D and 3D fabric prints which are lightweight. These innovations have made it possible for display manufacturers to print on fabrics using unique ink that is UV resistant.

Exhibit manufacturers are producing more and more fabric graphics because the graphic panels that are used as wall surfaces are lightweight and the fabric can be stretched to create various eye-catching options. Since you can simply fold or roll up a fabric graphic, it has led to a  reduction in shipping cost because you will need to use less shipping containers. Fabric graphics, especially Silicon Edged Graphics (SEG) which utilizes LED lighting as the backlit, are popular in most trade show conventions because of the gorgeous graphic presentation they display.

Exhibitors have moved away from traditional display booths that are rigid. They want trade show displays that are artistic, have multi-functional design and are architecturally stylish. This is made possible by use of tension fabric structures which allows clients to create different curves and geometric shapes depending on the trade show audience. Tension fabrics have replaced the outdated, rigid hard wall exhibits because they are not only lightweight but also reduce the cost of shipping, storage, material handling, innovation & design, and booth designs. Tension fabric has made it possible for exhibitors to have a strong presence at trade show floors at the same time reduce the cost.

fabric structures at a trade show

Exhibitors have been able to attract attendees to their exhibition by using trade show displays which have translucent fabric and motion functionality which are eye catching. Compared to traditional displays, fabric structures are easy to assemble during trade show conventions saving exhibitors time. Also, they are quite sturdy despite their lightweight nature. Fabric graphics which are printed can be used to create various booth components that are beautiful and attractive to trade show attendees. Besides, it is a lot easier to maintain such displays which made it anable to offer various rental options, where exhibitors just need to add their graphics to a booth.

For trade show exhibitors they have a plethora of fabric graphics to choose from because display manufacturers continue to produce different types of fabrics every day. With the technology used in fabric printing expected to improve further to enhance the quality of color and lighting, trade show exhibitors should remain confident that they will continue to attract attendees as the drive the message clearly and concisely with fabric graphics.

Trade Show Rentals: What You Need to Know

Trade shows bring your business in direct contact with potential customers. A trade show is an excellent opportunity to interact personally with your target audience and create a favorable impression about your business. To market your product at a trade fair, you need exhibits and displays. The booth will house your product, promotional literature, and displays. The displays will showcase your advertising slogan, product information, and other graphics. You have two options to source the exhibits and displays – buy them or go for trade show booth rentals. The latter choice is especially useful if you will be using the booth infrequently or just for one trade show. Here is a look at the advantages of trade show rentals.

Renting is cheaper than buying

rent-vs-buyCompared to buying a trade show booth, renting is a smarter option especially for smaller companies. Not every business can afford to buy a trade show display as it involves quite a big investment. Smaller companies and start-ups prefer renting to buying for keeping costs low. In the case of renting, you can choose a highly customized, top-quality trade show rentals to impress your customers without spending a small fortune.

Trade show rentals also give you the opportunity to test whether a trade show can add significantly to your marketing efforts. After such trials, you can think about buying a trade show display.


Renting a trade show booth gives you the flexibility of using new and unique designs each time you participate in a trade fair. It is especially useful if you are participating in trade shows around the world. You can choose booths based on structure, size, and height for different trade shows. For unique presentations and a fresher look, it is best to rent furnitures and stay cost-effective at the same time.

No transportation and storage hassle

When you buy trade show furnitures and displays, the responsibility of transporting them to different venues lies solely with you. When you go for trade show rentals the company will provide all these services, the charges for which will be included in your overall rental costs.

In the case of buying a trade show furniture, there are issues associated with its storage space and costs. This can bring in more expenses if you do not have enough space in your office to store the booth. Exhibit rentals is a better option in such cases. You can simply return the booth after your show, which relieves you from all headaches of storing it. You are also spared the shipping costs and the associated risks of damage when you opt for rentals.

rentalimageWhen you buy a trade show booth, you are responsible for maintaining it properly for use at upcoming and future events. The associated maintenance costs can be rather high, based on how often you will be using the booth.

Trade show booth rentals offer numerous advantages when compared to an outright purchase. Renting saves you not only money but also rids you of storage and maintenance hassles. The service levels provided by trade show rental companies also make renting a viable option.

No other occasion tests the poise and competence of salesmen than product presentations.

Such is the significance of these events that days, maybe even weeks before it takes place, enterprising salespeople should have been working on their advertising scripts, their product profiles, and comparison statistics. Needless to say, the need to have appropriate equipment for the presentation has also to be addressed. Because of the practical nature of this activity, it tends to distract the dedicated salesman from the real task at hand. Rather than spend too much of his time and resources in getting the ideal setting for his presentation, most people are contented with the minimum of presentation materials that is usually available. While medium-sized, pull-down screens may serve some purpose, the functionality they offer is limited. Fortunately, technology has introduced trade booth displays that may double perfectly as presentation stages. And these are easily acquired at trade show rentals.

Some trade show rental equipment are so portable and compact that they can be carried around much like one would tote a suitcase. Everything can be contained in a box with a handle. Presumably, they may be custom-fitted with wheels the easier to drag them around. To appear for a presentation with such sophisticated equipment is so flattering for the image of the speaker and will enhance what he will be saying even before he has spoken the first word.

Trade show rental equipment may include only the minimum that a presentation needs; a wide board, a podium and maybe some lights. The salesman has the option of choosing between two types of portable equipment; truss displays or pop up displays. Of the two, truss systems are less compact, harder to assemble and heavier to handle. So that for the purpose of hassle-free preparations, pop-ups will be the better choice. All the paraphernalia for a pop-up display can be contained in a sturdy and handsome box which also doubles as the podium or table. The box itself may be additionally fitted with shelves and compartments to accommodate the paraphernalia of the presentation. Pop-ups are constructed along the lines of folding umbrellas. A small bundle of stainless rods is so interconnected as to expand as a formidable display board. Although concave in shape, they may be customized to appear flat by the trade show rental company.

The display board can be fitted with a section for a blackboard and even TV’S screens. You can request the trade show rental outfit for these additional fittings to be made removable. After the presentation, the board can be folded up again and deposited into its container.

Portable pop up displays is picking up as the equipment of choice for a good business presentation. Such is their popularity that trade show rentals are themselves now working to make the item more functional for presentations. Everything about pop up displays is light, from the display board to the default container. Moreover, they are so compact that they can easily be thrown into the car with the rest of your things.

Because presentation equipment needs to be available most of the time, it makes better sense to purchase portable pop up equipment rather than rent them. This is an investment that will save the money you need for all future rentals. You may even earn additional income by renting them out to your associates.

How exhibiting at trade show has evolved

When you have been in the traditional trade show stand field, there is surely great chance to serve like a resource for others on some specific working vertical. From clients asking for insight on the recent trade show improvements to specialised affiliates checking about certain particular tendencies and trends, there is an opportunity to assist partner with some and put certain experience and knowledge to a general greater good. Over the last certain decades, what has modified and what has remained the same in the trade show exhibition.


Major role:

As with any field, the onset of technological creation has an important part in redefining what people can like from a personalized trade show. This field evolution moves far beyond just executing flat screen monitors and utilizing tablets in the shop itself, the process of production has been fully revamped. It is surprising to consider those thirty years ago, the designers availed color markers and pencils to perform pre-production works. Today people cannot think operating without the 3D fly on exhibition, fully with practical pictures on the materials utilized within the booth, where you can view how leather stuff will appear for, if a complicated wood grain completion on the furniture would supply a fair visual impression.

Digital pictures:

Further, the visual and images accents people have access on these days totally overshadow the choices found in past decades. In the olden days the film and photos could be printed to some particular size that limits overall effect. But today people can download digital pictures and use sixteen foot printers to make sure the trade show display delivers good promotional touch at each program. As with the vertical, there are often certain basic principles which will not alter and it does not matter how long an organization is in business.


General goal:

It is also proud to be to a portion of the necessary industry due to the reason firms that effectively facilitate the exhibition identifies one simple but essential principle, the show should go onto show opens on a specified day, at a particular time and it is on. The displays want to be at hundred percent the color schedules should give off promotional right and each should be dotted and crossed universally without any exception. Thirty years ago, people identified that at the core of the business, there are not other opportunities. This thinking still holds true on these days. Such as today, the normal aim is often to assist the customers avail the custom trade exhibition displays to create a positive visual look on program attendees.

Right marketing strategy:

But how people that going forward is steadily improving a good show firm thirty years ago just had to supply a properly designed, best product. Success surely boiled down to the best and completion of the end product. Now savvy companies know that, while a best item is non -negotiable, they want to get the business experience to coordinate with the customers and effectively combine the show design with the proper marketing plan to supply a good mixture of purposeful innovation and technology for the perfect visitor experience.