Trade Show Rentals: What You Need to Know

Trade shows bring your business in direct contact with potential customers. A trade show is an excellent opportunity to interact personally with your target audience and create a favorable impression about your business. To market your product at a trade fair, you need exhibits and displays. The booth will house your product, promotional literature, and displays. The displays will showcase your advertising slogan, product information, and other graphics. You have two options to source the exhibits and displays – buy them or go for trade show booth rentals. The latter choice is especially useful if you will be using the booth infrequently or just for one trade show. Here is a look at the advantages of trade show rentals.

Renting is cheaper than buying

rent-vs-buyCompared to buying a trade show booth, renting is a smarter option especially for smaller companies. Not every business can afford to buy a trade show display as it involves quite a big investment. Smaller companies and start-ups prefer renting to buying for keeping costs low. In the case of renting, you can choose a highly customized, top-quality trade show rentals to impress your customers without spending a small fortune.

Trade show rentals also give you the opportunity to test whether a trade show can add significantly to your marketing efforts. After such trials, you can think about buying a trade show display.


Renting a trade show booth gives you the flexibility of using new and unique designs each time you participate in a trade fair. It is especially useful if you are participating in trade shows around the world. You can choose booths based on structure, size, and height for different trade shows. For unique presentations and a fresher look, it is best to rent furnitures and stay cost-effective at the same time.

No transportation and storage hassle

When you buy trade show furnitures and displays, the responsibility of transporting them to different venues lies solely with you. When you go for trade show rentals the company will provide all these services, the charges for which will be included in your overall rental costs.

In the case of buying a trade show furniture, there are issues associated with its storage space and costs. This can bring in more expenses if you do not have enough space in your office to store the booth. Exhibit rentals is a better option in such cases. You can simply return the booth after your show, which relieves you from all headaches of storing it. You are also spared the shipping costs and the associated risks of damage when you opt for rentals.

rentalimageWhen you buy a trade show booth, you are responsible for maintaining it properly for use at upcoming and future events. The associated maintenance costs can be rather high, based on how often you will be using the booth.

Trade show booth rentals offer numerous advantages when compared to an outright purchase. Renting saves you not only money but also rids you of storage and maintenance hassles. The service levels provided by trade show rental companies also make renting a viable option.

No other occasion tests the poise and competence of salesmen than product presentations.

Such is the significance of these events that days, maybe even weeks before it takes place, enterprising salespeople should have been working on their advertising scripts, their product profiles, and comparison statistics. Needless to say, the need to have appropriate equipment for the presentation has also to be addressed. Because of the practical nature of this activity, it tends to distract the dedicated salesman from the real task at hand. Rather than spend too much of his time and resources in getting the ideal setting for his presentation, most people are contented with the minimum of presentation materials that is usually available. While medium-sized, pull-down screens may serve some purpose, the functionality they offer is limited. Fortunately, technology has introduced trade booth displays that may double perfectly as presentation stages. And these are easily acquired at trade show rentals.

Some trade show rental equipment are so portable and compact that they can be carried around much like one would tote a suitcase. Everything can be contained in a box with a handle. Presumably, they may be custom-fitted with wheels the easier to drag them around. To appear for a presentation with such sophisticated equipment is so flattering for the image of the speaker and will enhance what he will be saying even before he has spoken the first word.

Trade show rental equipment may include only the minimum that a presentation needs; a wide board, a podium and maybe some lights. The salesman has the option of choosing between two types of portable equipment; truss displays or pop up displays. Of the two, truss systems are less compact, harder to assemble and heavier to handle. So that for the purpose of hassle-free preparations, pop-ups will be the better choice. All the paraphernalia for a pop-up display can be contained in a sturdy and handsome box which also doubles as the podium or table. The box itself may be additionally fitted with shelves and compartments to accommodate the paraphernalia of the presentation. Pop-ups are constructed along the lines of folding umbrellas. A small bundle of stainless rods is so interconnected as to expand as a formidable display board. Although concave in shape, they may be customized to appear flat by the trade show rental company.

The display board can be fitted with a section for a blackboard and even TV’S screens. You can request the trade show rental outfit for these additional fittings to be made removable. After the presentation, the board can be folded up again and deposited into its container.

Portable pop up displays is picking up as the equipment of choice for a good business presentation. Such is their popularity that trade show rentals are themselves now working to make the item more functional for presentations. Everything about pop up displays is light, from the display board to the default container. Moreover, they are so compact that they can easily be thrown into the car with the rest of your things.

Because presentation equipment needs to be available most of the time, it makes better sense to purchase portable pop up equipment rather than rent them. This is an investment that will save the money you need for all future rentals. You may even earn additional income by renting them out to your associates.