How Fabric Structures And Graphics Are Taking Over The Trade Show Industry

More and more people are abandoning heavy exhibit booths in favor of lightweight fabric structures which are common in most trade shows today. Improved fabric graphics and lighting have made many exhibitors adopt fabric structures in trade show conventions. Trade show displays which are made of lightweight aluminum and wrapped with printed fabric is becoming a trend, which is taking over the trade show industry. Aluminum was used to make trade show displays in favor of wood because it was not only lightweight but durable and strong. Trade show displays continue to be innovative with most displays today made of fabric graphics. Also, digital printing innovations have led to the production of high quality, eye-catching 2D and 3D fabric prints which are lightweight. These innovations have made it possible for display manufacturers to print on fabrics using unique ink that is UV resistant.

Exhibit manufacturers are producing more and more fabric graphics because the graphic panels that are used as wall surfaces are lightweight and the fabric can be stretched to create various eye-catching options. Since you can simply fold or roll up a fabric graphic, it has led to a  reduction in shipping cost because you will need to use less shipping containers. Fabric graphics, especially Silicon Edged Graphics (SEG) which utilizes LED lighting as the backlit, are popular in most trade show conventions because of the gorgeous graphic presentation they display.

Exhibitors have moved away from traditional display booths that are rigid. They want trade show displays that are artistic, have multi-functional design and are architecturally stylish. This is made possible by use of tension fabric structures which allows clients to create different curves and geometric shapes depending on the trade show audience. Tension fabrics have replaced the outdated, rigid hard wall exhibits because they are not only lightweight but also reduce the cost of shipping, storage, material handling, innovation & design, and booth designs. Tension fabric has made it possible for exhibitors to have a strong presence at trade show floors at the same time reduce the cost.

fabric structures at a trade show

Exhibitors have been able to attract attendees to their exhibition by using trade show displays which have translucent fabric and motion functionality which are eye catching. Compared to traditional displays, fabric structures are easy to assemble during trade show conventions saving exhibitors time. Also, they are quite sturdy despite their lightweight nature. Fabric graphics which are printed can be used to create various booth components that are beautiful and attractive to trade show attendees. Besides, it is a lot easier to maintain such displays which made it anable to offer various rental options, where exhibitors just need to add their graphics to a booth.

For trade show exhibitors they have a plethora of fabric graphics to choose from because display manufacturers continue to produce different types of fabrics every day. With the technology used in fabric printing expected to improve further to enhance the quality of color and lighting, trade show exhibitors should remain confident that they will continue to attract attendees as the drive the message clearly and concisely with fabric graphics.