How Individual Trade Show Booth Design Can Help Your Business Stand Out

How many new customers do you get thanks to the upcoming event and how will sales increase in the near future? All this largely depends on the design of your exhibition display. Creative trade show booth design will help distinguish your company against competitors, form a positive image of your brand and advertise your products and services.

It takes only a few seconds for a person to understand if he/she wants to visit a particular exhibit. If you have presented a dull, uninteresting cookie-cutter stand, an attendee will most likely not even pay attention to it. This means that you will lose a potential customer. However, if a bright stand with an unusual design is delivered to the audience, visitors will be drawn to it as to a magnet. Now your competitors will jealous that they could not get prospects.

Individual Trade Show Booth Design

What do you need to take into account when ordering a trade show booth with individual design?

To cope with your marketing goals, you need to know the principles of visual perception of information and skillfully use it in your booth.

Trade show booth design should be innovative and thought out to the smallest detail. The spontaneous approach here is unacceptable. When creating a display with an individual design in conjunction with a designer, you must think over all the details: the location of the construction elements, the color range, the size of the exhibition area. Designers take into account your logo and corporate identity, marketing concept and the key idea of the brand as well as the purpose of your exhibiting. You need to find solution to the following: How your stand will differ from competitors and how it will help you communicate your idea to visitors. If you manage to find the right solutions for the tasks, you will get a display that will really work for your image!

Benefits of booths with individual design

First, such an exhibit is designed for you, taking into account the specifics of your brand and marketing goals.

Secondly, the design is completely unique – you will not find the twin of your display in the whole world.

Thirdly, visitors tend to pay attention to unusual things, and your stand will be just unusual.

Fourth, modern designs that uses lightweight parts and fabric graphic structures allow you to make custom booths easy and mobile. You will not have troubles with transporting, storing and assembling such a stand.

custom booth display

How to find a trade show booth design company

The first thing you should pay attention to is the company’s portfolio. Evaluate how innovative design they can develop. Also, if you wish to order the manufacturing of the stand together with the design, ask for the rendering and photos of the ready booths. It will be useful to know how much a company is able to translate own ideas.

Next, find out what experience a company has in this field. The design and construction of stands require enormous knowledge, most of which come with experience. You do not want to have a hitch in the work on your booth because something went wrong. For example, one of the companies that offers trade show exhibit booth design San Diego – EXHIBE, has over 35 years in creative innovative designs and bringing them to life.

Finally, find out if the company can translate the proposed design into reality. To do this, it must have its own production facilities and appropriate personnel.